Baby First is the first most scientific and comprehensive Screening program for your child. Baby First screens for disorders which are most relevant for Indian population.Baby First deploys the most sensitive and advanced technology in screening for these disorders which is 5-50 times more sensitive than any other available for new born screening in India. For example
A. Fluorescent reporter based assays.
B. Ultra Flow Liquid Chromatography –Mass Spectrometry
C. The only lab in India to provide Congenital Toxoplasmosis test by CDC (centre for Disease Control, USA) approved method. This is the only one method approved worldwide and is only available in India at Baby First.
Baby First is the first and only Dedicated NBS Lab in India.
A. Dedicated exclusively to providing NBS. Complete devotion and infrastructure
devoted to reducing morbidity, mortality and life long disability in children.
B. No clubbing of screening with other services like general path lab or cord blood banking.
C. Own infrastructure. No outsourcing like most cord blood bank
These methods are the most advanced and suggested as per international and national guidelines.
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